I hereby undertake to comply with the following conditions of use of the data files provided by the Czech Social Science Data Archive:

  1. Data can be used only for purposes of noncommercial research or noncommercial teaching.
  2. Data sets do not contain identifiable personal identifications about respondents. The user is not allowed to try finding these personal identifications about respondents using the provided data.
  3. Any publication of information based on the data from the provided data set requires an exact citation of the source, which means the depositor of the data set and Czech Social Science Data Archive.
  4. The user acknowledges that CSDA is not the owner of provided data sets and is not responsible in any manner for the valid ity and reliability of data.
  5. The user is not allowed to further distribute the provided data nor to provide other persons with the access to them.
  6. The user is obliged to inform the Archive about all publications, which were created on the basis of provided data.
  7. The user acknowledges that the provision of data sets in electronic form is free of charge, unless otherwise stated. All other forms of data sets distribution and other services can be charged according to the costs of the work required. An electronic register, which is accessible on the web page of the Archive, register can be temporarily disconnected by reason of maintenance.

I approve that data provided within the registration form will be used for the purposes of the Czech Social Science Data Archive. This approval also holds for providing data file depositors with my registration information. This approval will be valid for the duration of my registration.